Congenital Hearing Loss

Congenital hearing loss means it was present in an infant at birth. There are various causes of congenital hearing loss, though they are not always easily identified. There are both non-genetic and genetic factors that might cause hearing loss.



Acquired Hearing Loss

Children can also be affected by acquired hearing loss, meaning it occurs after birth. There are various causes of acquired hearing loss, including Eg 

  • A perforated eardrum

  • Otosclerosis or Meniere's diseases, which are progressive

  • Exposure to loud noise, causing noise-induced hearing loss 

  • Taking ototoxic medications    

Micro Monitor Classic - The top choice for professional musicians, Micro Monitor Classic offer exceptional sound quality, response and reliability with the fit and comfort that only custom-molded earpieces can provide.

In-Ear Monitors

The Ear Band-It® is designed to hold ear plugs or ear molds in place while engaging in water activities. Ear Band-It®'s unique design offers ultimate comfort and protection for the ears. The Ear Band-It® swimmer's headband is the original swimming headband invented by a Ear, Nose and Throat Physician with over 40 years experience

Ear Band-It®

Evolution in gunshot noise reduction continues with the CENS® ProFlex electronic module combined with unique multi-softness custom fit earpieces, it is comfortable custom hearing protection for today’s shooter.

CENS® ProFlex

PELTOR Optime III ear muffs have been developed for use in extremely high noise environments, particularly those dominated by low frequency sounds. This results in maximum high-frequency muffling, while at the same time it's still easy to understand speech and signals.

Peltor Optime III Ear Defenders

In fact, nearly 38 million Americans have hearing loss. For many people, hearing aids are the best option to help correct untreated hearing loss and resume a high quality of life. All digital hearing aids contain at least one microphone to pick up sound, a computer chip that amplifies and processes sound, a speaker that sends the signal to your ear and a battery for power

Hearing Aids

Ensures maximum comfort and a secure fit. Manufactured in
either hard acrylic, soft acrylic or silicone. Supplied with coiled
tubing, shirt collar clip and adaptor.

Custom Presenters’ Earmould



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